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On and off the beaten track...

Our location is the ideal starting point for exploring Southern India and tailoring your own adventure, if desired with the help of your Indian landlord.

Avurvedic Rejuvenation
You feel stressed, need to relax, suffer from chronical diseases ? Try some ayurvedic treatment or even do a full packaged treatment programme including yoga and diet. It helps you to get get rid of small bugging problems and a few kilos or just gives your complete nervous system an effective rest. You will be surprised by the efficiency of this thousands of years old natural medicine.

Backwater Tour

Explore the tranquillity of a huge labyrinth of inner land water channel, hire a house boat, stay overnight and wake up with the animals in this impressive green water world.

Trip to South Cape

We will arrange a driver to bring you to the south end of India, where three oceans meet. Enjoy the fantastic landscapes on the way down. On the way back drop by for a refreshing shower in the waterfalls.

Padnampuram Palace
This fine reminiscent of the royal days in south india, mixing traditional kerala architecture with asian influences is a must see. Walk barefoot on the shiny floor...

Shopping in Trivandrum
Here you can get everything. Just get out and walk, you will find a lot of interesting shops...

Teaplantings in Munnay
A daytrip brings you to the fantastic hill landscape of Munnai

State Tamil Nadu
Just 30 mins away starts the state of Tamil Nadu, where, crossing the border you can quickly spot a difference

Promending Kovalam
Have a fancy dinner and a night out with beers at this touristy spot in kerala. Don't miss a show of Kattakali

A weekend of GOAing in Varkala
Enough of Indian lifestyle. Take a weekend off and enjoy Varkala, where you will meet more Europeans than locals. This nice GOA style cliff top setting is great spot for a weekend of partying.

This tourism venture helps to rais funds for social spired projects in the village