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What's life about...?

A question you might start to ask yourself while staying in a community which is, at first sight, much more focused on the basic needs. However, you will experience a value orientation which is untypical for Europeans, something you might reflect even a long time after your return home.

After a while everything will start to look familiar like in your hometown - the houses, the shops, the social gathering points. Maybe a bit smaller but at the same time livelier, more talkative, colourful and indeed much more open than any western place.

Going for a walk in the village you will meet open and friendly people, who are interested in getting to know more about you and your life. You might end up in a long conversation about topics you might not have thought about discussing with a local fishermen, far away from home.

You can visit the local school or watch the fishermen on the beach, see how they share the catch of the day or even go out to the sea and catch your own fish, which is the fundament of the 2 most famous meals in the village - fish curry with rice and rice with fish curry.

Don't be surprised if, while having a walk, you end up in someone's home for a tea or an invitation to a local ceremony like wedding or anniversary, a fantastic chance to learn a lot about the Indian culture and way of life (and naturally the great yummy Indian cuisine). If you're open for surprises, you will have a great time.

This tourism venture helps to raise funds for social spirited projects in the fishing village